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Tuition & Fees

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees related to their education at Harvest Bible Institute.

Tuition and applicable fees are due at registration for each quarter in which the student enrolls. Students may not register for a new quarter or receive transcripts until all obligations from the prior quarter have been met. The cost of an education at Harvest is competitive and consistent with other sound Christian schools. Because of the increasing costs, the HBI Board of Directors reserves the right to make changes at any time in the tuition charges and other general and special fees.

If you have further questions please contact us.

Course Fees

 Full-time Student  18 Credit Hours  $900.00
 Full-time Student  15 Credit Hours  $750.00
 Full-time Student  12 Credit Hours  $600.00
 Tuition Per Course  3 Credit Hours  $150.00
 Tuition Per Hour  Per Credit Hour  $50.00


Application & Admission  Fees

All of these fees are nonrefundable.

Application Fee   $35.00
Registration/Enrollment Fee  $50.00
Late Registration Fee  $35.00
Late Application Fee  $10.00
Drop/Add Fee  $10.00
Graduation Fee  $125.00
Transcript Fee  $5.00


Additional Cost

The cost for books and class school supplies will vary depending on the course of study. The cost of books and other supplies needed for that class is not included in the tuition cost.