Developing Leaders for Ministry Service

Lifestyle Standards

Christian Standards
HBI prepares men and women to be leaders in Christian service.

Therefore, HBI students must refrain from using tobacco or narcotics and drinking alcoholic beverages. Students are required to maintain behavior that is above reproach in relationships with the opposite sex and in sexual purity in their personal lives.  Also, students must abide by the Student Code of Conduct. Before applying to HBI, applicants must review the school’s mission, vision, educational objective and statement of beliefs to ensure that they are in essential agreement with the terms thereof. HBI recognizes that some applicants may have uncertainties in their beliefs. We will under no circumstances comprise or modify our belief systems and core values to accommodate the beliefs and values of others.  Because of this we encourage each applicant to be certain HBI is the place for them before they apply.

A Little Bit About Dress Code

HBI would like to remind students that as ministers of the Gospel, they will be representing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Modesty and good taste is the guiding principle for all Christians (I Timothy 2:9-10).  Women should not wear clothes that are revealing and they should seek to cover themselves in modest attire. They should not show cleavage and areas of skin above the knees.  Men must be clean, neat and well-groomed in their facial appearance to remain approachable.  They should not wear women's jewelry, clothes that are revealing and should seek to cover themselves in modest attire.