Developing Leaders for Ministry Service


Welcome to the Journey of a Lifetime

We at Harvest Bible Institute are ready to assist you on your journey to wisdom, knowledge and growth in the Word.

So many great and wonderful things are being brought about by the will of our Lord and Savior! The vision of HBI Harvest Bible Institute is to be a ministry training institute of choice for students seeking a Spirit led Christian learning environment that will be academically challenging, spiritually enriching and globally engaged. We are positive you will be praising the Lord along with us at his amazing and miraculous blessings; and you will long to be a part of this wonderful ministry.

Harvest Bible Institute is affiliated with, and is an extension of Harvest Family Church. Harvest Family Church is a nondenominational ministry located in Fayetteville, North Carolina which is right next door to Fort Bragg and Pope Army Airfield. Established in 2012, Harvest Bible Institute was developed to offer practical Bible ministry training for individuals called into full-time ministry and for ministry leaders.

The education offered by HBI is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and the curriculum references all subjects of Biblical orientations. Harvest Bible Institute was established to be a helping hand, and to train and educate people everywhere to carry out the work of the Lord, so they can continue on the path that God has established for them. Harvest Bible Institute was founded to educate, enlighten and expand the knowledge of Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, Prophets and all those to who have a calling from God all over the world.

HBI believes in the American Constitution, and the ability to exercise our rights of Freedom of Religion as set forth by the founding fathers of this great nation. As those who signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, we are in total agreement with their Declaration “In God We Trust”.

The time has come that we equip ourselves fully in the knowledge of Jesus Christ. To not only go out and preach to other nations, but to save our nation. The United States of America is in constant need of revival and refreshing from God. Many citizens are turning to God today, more than at any time in our lives. We would like to assist you in becoming prepared to handle the very important part that God has planned for you.

Pray about this today. We will stand in agreement with you, that the Lord’s direction will be readily revealed to you. We know that you are not here by accident and that God is directing your path. We are excited for you and HBI may very well be a part of Jesus’ plan for your life.

Get ready for the journey of a lifetime.