Developing Leaders for Ministry Service

Student FAQ's

Student Affairs FAQ's:

1. What if I need to drop or add a class to my schedule? Please email to have a Drop/Add form emailed to you.

2. What if I have a question about my enrollment paperwork? All concerns should be reported to the office at:

3. What if I miss a test? Missed tests should be discussed with your teacher.

4. Does HBI accept transfer credits?  At this time we do not accept transfer credits.

5. Does HBI give credit for prior ministry experience?  We do not give credit for prior ministry experience.

6. Is HBI affiliated with a specific denomination? We are a spirit filled, full gospel, interdenominational training institute.  Anyone is welcome as they agree with our Statement of beliefs and Student code of Conduct. 

7. What are HBI's future plans?  Shortly we will be expanding our program to offer a 4th year course of study and then we will seek full accredidation. All former students will be able to enroll into the 4th year program to partake of this degree program. 

8. Does HBI offer distance education?  We do not currently offer any form of distance education.  All classes must be taken on campus.